Teeth Whitening Get Dramatic Results In One Visit
  • Show off a radiant smile around others
  • Make teeth whitening part of a larger makeover
  • Get white teeth in our office or at home

Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening in Monee

Imagine having a smile that lights up the room. When you visit Athos Dental, we can help you transform your most noticeable feature into one you feel proud to show off. Fortunately, you don’t need extensive cosmetic procedures to achieve that. With teeth whitening in Monee, you can:

  • Achieve a beautiful smile in a single appointment
  • Get rid of stains that have bothered you for years
  • See results that are brighter and last longer than store-bought solutions
  • Gain a boost in self-confidence
  • Pair it with other cosmetic treatments for that “wow” factor

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Eliminate Dental Stains With Professional Whitening

Making the decision to pursue cosmetic dental treatments can seem like a big step. That’s why teeth whitening is so popular! It’s a simple, but effective, way to get amazing results. But don’t purchase a kit in the store. You’ll get better results from professional products. When you visit our practice for teeth whitening, you’ll benefit from our use of the most advanced solutions. We offer Zoom whitening, which gives you two convenient whitening options:

  • In-House Whitening –  This in-office option can give you remarkable results in just one visit. In an hour or so, you’ll leave our office with beautiful white teeth. It’s perfect if you have an upcoming special event and want sparkling white teeth quickly.
  • At-Home Whitening – If you prefer to gradually whiten your teeth from home, we’ll give you take-home kits. You’ll receive professional-grade whitening and custom-fitting trays.

You may consider including teeth whitening treatments as part of a complete smile makeover. It’s an ideal way to make a major change within a single treatment plan. When you come in for a consultation, your dentist can discuss what’s possible for your smile.

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Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Can teeth whitening be permanent?

No, teeth whitening isn’t a permanent solution. Many factors affect how long a whitening treatment will last, from the type of discoloration to the amount of coffee you consume. If you are looking for a longer-lasting solution to whiten teeth, you may want to consider tooth bonding or dental veneers.

Can I eat after my teeth whitening treatment?

After you have your teeth whitened, it’s important to wait at least four hours before eating or drinking anything (except for sips of water). For the first 48 hours, it’s best to stick to “white” foods like pasta, bread, rice, milk, yogurt, turkey, and chicken. This prevents new stains from forming on your teeth, since the whitening process makes them more porous. Following this advice will help you get the best results and reduce any tooth sensitivity.

Which teeth whitening is safest?

Professional teeth whitening treatments, like the products we use, are formulated to be highly effective yet safe. In addition, we take precautions in our office to keep the whitening gel away from gums and other sensitive tissue. If you whiten at home, we’ll make custom trays for you to use that also help keep the gel away from your gums.

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